Quality Assurance

General stands behind our quality heavy-duty truck parts and exceptional service.

Core Return Policy

  • The core should be returned on the pallet originally received with the replacement unit. Properly secure the unit to the pallet. Any damage to the core during shipping due to poor packaging will be reflected in deductions from the core credit.
  • Credit for the returned cores will be issued to the original purchaser.
  • Cores that are returned that have not been completely drained of oil will receive a deduction of ten (10) percent of the full core value.


Cores that are returned in an unusable condition will not be accepted or processed for credit. By not processing for credit, the customer does not lose return eligibility. However, the customer will be responsible for freight charges associated with the return of an unusable core. The following are examples of unusable conditions:

  • Full of tar (i.e. synthetic and mineral oil mixture)
  • Gears that are blue or burned due to lack of lubrication
  • Excessive rust that causes pitting and damage
  • Missing internal parts (due to physical removal, not failures)
  • Cases or housings that are cracked, broken, or bulging
  • A disassembled core with missing parts

GTP recommends steam cleaning the core prior to inspection for proper evaluation. A clean core will allow your inspector to identify cracks that may not have been noticeable when dirty.

Quality Assurance - General Truck Parts & Equipment Quality Assurance - General Truck Parts & Equipment Quality Assurance - General Truck Parts & Equipment

GTP Warranty at a glance

Manual/Automatic transmissions: 36 months/ unlimited miles

Differentials: 36 months/ unlimited miles

Transfer cases: 6 months/ unlimited miles

Steering gears: 12 months/ unlimited miles

Off-highway/hydraulic components: 6 months/ unlimited miles

Customer Responsibilities

  1. Confirm the model of the core you are returning. Cores must be “like for like” unless prior arrangements have been made.
  2. Make a thorough inspection for visible cracks, especially in the high-stress areas of the cases.
  3. We recommend removing the top cover/shift bar housing on transmissions to inspect the internal components. We will remove the top cover during our inspection. To avoid the deduction for disassembly or missing parts, the top cover must be reattached to the transmission in such a manner as to avoid part damage or loss during shipping.
  4. Make sure the unit is complete.
  5. Make sure to remove and transfer to your replacement unit, all other external equipment not supplied (i.e. yokes, shift tower, PTOs, bell housing, etc.).
  6. Please attach the core tag that was shipped with the unit and make sure that it is completely filled out with the proper information.

You will be notified by phone if any core returned is unacceptable or if there are deductions to the full core credit based on our criteria. Any cores deemed unacceptable may be returned to you F.O.B. Chicago at your discretion.

Cores are processed daily and credit will be applied to your account within 5 business days after arrival on our dock. Cores returned without the proper core tag are subject to delays in this process.

Warranty Coverage

General Truck Parts & Equipment agrees to warranty all of our remanufactured products from defects in components or poor workmanship for the specified time period for that specific model type and application.

This warranty covers parts and labor to repair or replace, at General Truck Parts & Equipment’s option, the failed remanufactured component. Any component repaired or replaced will retain the remainder of the original warranty period.

General Truck Parts & Equipment’s nationwide warranty may only be administered by one of our approved warranty repair facilities. You must contact the warranty claims manager at General Truck Parts & Equipment at 1-800-621-3914 Ext. 2581 for authorization prior to any repairs being made in order to be eligible for warranty coverage.

This warranty shall not extend to failures or damage incurred as a result of improper installation, improper lubrication, abuse, improper application, or improperly installed accessories or other attached components that may be worn or failed, i.e. drive shafts, yokes, power takeoffs, etc.

All warranty claims shall be made to General Truck Parts & Equipment and shall be supported by satisfactory evidence in respect of the conditions stated herein.

General Truck Parts & Equipment reserves the right to have any failed component returned to our facility for inspection prior to repair or replacement. Any freight incurred will be prepaid by General Truck Part & Equipment and may be billed back to your account if the failure is determined to be a non-warrantable failure.

* Do not include products used in competition applications.