Snow & Ice Systems

Conventional Hydraulic Solutions

A Turnkey Solution

This unique circuit design optimizes operations with full flow, but also ensures cylinders and spreader operations can work together when required. It is all automatic. Paired with our entry-level electronic controls for a customized and budget-conscious solution.

Plow/Hoist Functionality

  • Proportional cable control or air control cylinders
  • Configurable spools for all common applications
  • Easy to use, set-up, and install.

Spreader functionality

  • Save salt save money. electronic spreader system with groundspeed control
  • Compatible with all common v-body and tailgate spreaders (stainless steel enclosure)
  • Smart flow technology—keeps the spreader running when the cylinders are actuated.

Hydraulic Performance

  • Maximum pressure—3000 psi (adjustable)
  • Maximum flow—24 GPM/ nominal flow—21 GPM
  • Auger flow: 0-15 GPM
  • Spinner flow: 0-15 GPM
  • Cylinder flow: 0-20 GPM