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Gregg & sons of General Truck Parts & Equipment

Gregg Chudacoff on his 35-Years at General Truck Parts & Equipment Company


Gregg Chudacoff began his career by looking over the shoulders of General’s technicians when he was just a fifteen-year-old shop hand, hoping to learn everything he could about remanufacturing heavy-duty truck parts. At that time, he never imagined that one day he would be leading General Truck Parts into the future of remanufacture technology. “I consider it a great personal challenge,” Gregg says between sips of his morning coffee, “each day to be the prime rebuilders and suppliers of heavy-duty truck parts in the Midwest.” Gregg explains that it is the experience and know-how of the great team at General striving to make Gregg’s challenge a reality. “Some of the guys in the shop have been here longer than I have, and our guys know their stuff!”

Gregg and the team at General Truck Parts service on-highway and off-highway truck parts in-house, and stock thousands of remanufactured and new parts. Not a day goes by when you don’t hear someone on the phone, repeating the company slogan, “We stock them all, give us a call!”

General is proud to announce our newest line, of Snow and Ice Removal-related parts. Gregg is proud to say that, “Our goal is to be the number one heavy-duty truck part supplier and rebuilder in the world.” General is clearly the Midwest’s go-to source for competitively priced heavy-duty truck parts, with friendly, knowledgeable, and in many cases, same-day service.